Sermon Audio

06/16/2024 PMThe Annihilation of Ahab's HouseII Kings 10:1-11Pastor Nick Vance
06/16/2024 AMPeace from God the FatherJohn 20:19-23Pastor Nick Vance
06/16/2024 SSReturning Home...Trusting GodRuth 1:1-18Bro. Elijah Vance
06/12/2024 Wed Don't Get Carried Away with IdolsAmos 5:25-27Pastor Nick Vance
06/09/2024 PMFeed Her to the DogsII Kings 9:30-37Pastor Nick Vance
06/09/2024 AMWhy are You Weeping?John 20:11-18Pastor Nick Vance
06/09/2024 SSGod's Call: Linger Not, Fear NotJudges 4:1-14Bro. Elijah Vance
06/05/2024 WedAcceptable WorshipAmos 5:21-24Pastor Nick Vance
06/02/2024 SSGod's Perfect Creation and UnionGenesis 2:7,18-24Bro. Elijah Vance
05/26/2024 PMThe Ride of the AvengerII Kings 9:16-29Pastor Nick Vance
05/26/2024 AMJesus' Burial at Calvary's Memorial GardenJohn 19:38-42Pastor Nick Vance
05/26/2024 SSThe Alpha and OmegaRevelation 22:6-21Bro. Elijah Vance
05/19/2024 PMClever ConspiracyII Kings 9:11-15Pastor Nick Vance
05/19/2024 AMHe Died with a Broken HeartJohn 19:31-37Pastor Nick Vance
05/19/2024 SSThe Lamb Worthy of WorshipRevelation 5:6-14Bro. Elijah Vance
05/12/2024 PMAnointing the AvengerII Kings 9:1-10Pastor Nick Vance
05/12/2024 AMUndying LoveJohn 19:17-30Pastor Nick Vance
05/12/2024 SSThe Son Greater Than the AngelsHebrews 1:1-9Bro. Elijah Vance
05/05/2024 PMHeld in God's HandsII Kings 8:25-29Pastor Nick Vance
05/05/2024 AMBehold the Christ!John 19:1-16Pastor Nick Vance
04/28/2024 PMJehovah is ExaltedII Kings 8:16-24Pastor Nick Vance
04/28/2024 AMJesus or Barabbas?John 18:39-40Pastor Nick Vance
04/21/2024 PMAnointing the Syrian PunisherII Kings 8:7-15Pastor Nick Vance
04/14/2024 PMServants in Training ServiceSpeaker's ChoiceCollege Students
04/14/2024 AMJesus on Trial, Part 1 - The Religious ProsecutionJohn 18:19-24Pastor Nick Vance
04/07/2024 AMBefore the Rooster CrowsJohn 18:12-18, 25-27Pastor Nick Vance
03/31/2024 PMThe Lord's Supper ServiceMatthew 26:26-30Pastor Nick Vance
03/31/2024 AMThomas: The Disciple who Celebrated Easter a Week LateJohn 20:19-31Pastor Nick Vance
03/24/2024 PMCome and Get It!II Kings 7:12-20Pastor Nick Vance
03/24/2024 AMThe Sword or the Cup?John 18:10-12Pastor Nick Vance
03/17/2024 PMA Day of Good TidingsII Kings 7:3-11Pastor Nick Vance
03/17/2024 AMWhom Seek Ye?John 18:1-9Pastor Nick Vance
03/10/2024 PMSeeing But Not Eating
II Kings 7:1-2Pastor Nick Vance
03/10/2024 AMEnjoying GodJohn 17:24-26Pastor Nick Vance
03/03/2024 PMHungry, Humbled, and HopefulII Kings 6:24-33Pastor Nick Vance
03/03/2024 AMJesus' Prayer for "Them Also"John 17:20-23Pastor Nick Vance
02/25/2024 PMGod's All-Sufficient GraceII Corinthians 12:7-10Dr. Dennis Clements
02/25/2024 AMKept by the Power of GodJohn 17:11-19Pastor Nick Vance
02/25/2024 SSA Plea for Christlike ForgivenessPhilemonBro. Elijah Vance
02/18/2024 PMCaptured by CharityII Kings 6:18-23Pastor Nick Vance
02/18/2024 AMThose to Whom the Son Reveals the FatherJohn 17:6-10Pastor Nick Vance
02/18/2024 SSComplete in ChristColossians 2:6-19Pastor Nick Vance
02/11/2024 PMSpiritual VisionII Kings 6:8-17Pastor Nick Vance
02/11/2024 AMAll Glory to JesusJohn 17:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
02/11/2024 SSThe Supremacy of ChristColossians 1:15-29Pastor Nick Vance
02/04/2024 SSSpiritual ArmorEphesians 6:10-24Pastor Nick Vance
01/28/2024 PMGehazi: The Short-Sighted ServantII Kings 5:20-27Pastor Nick Vance
01/28/2024 AMIn That DayJohn 16:23-27Pastor Nick Vance
01/28/2024 SSGod-Honoring FamiliesEphesians 5:21-6:4Pastor Nick Vance
01/21/2024 AMA Little WhileJohn 16:16-22Pastor Nick Vance
01/21/2024 SSOur High CallingEphesians 4:1-16Pastor Nick Vance
01/14/2024 PMPlease Pass the BreadII Kings 4:42-44Pastor Nick Vance
01/14/2024 AMThe Perfect ReplacementJohn 16:7-15Pastor Nick Vance
01/14/2024 SSThe Household of GodEphesians 2:11-22Pastor Nick Vance
01/07/2024 PMElisha and the Poisoned PotluckII Kings 4:38-41Pastor Nick Vance
01/07/2024 AMStill StandingJohn 16:1-6Pastor Nick Vance
12/31/2023 PMMore and More in 2024I Corinthians 11:23-28Pastor Nick Vance
12/31/2023 AMThe Importance of MissionsActs 1:8Missionary Nathan Fray
12/31/2023 SSTen Ways to Pray for MissionariesI Corinthians 14:15Missionary Nathan Fray
12/24/2023 PMFollowing the LightMatthew 2:1-23Pastor Nick Vance
12/24/2023 AMJoseph's ObedienceMatthew 1:18-25Pastor Nick Vance
12/24/2023 SSThe Light of ChristmasJohn 1:1-5, 14Pastor Nick Vance
12/17/2023 PMIt is WellII Kings 4:18-37Pastor Nick Vance
12/17/2023 AMHelp for Witnessing to a Hateful WorldJohn 15:26-27Pastor Nick Vance
12/17/2023 SSKeys to Joy and ContentmentPhilippians 4:1-18Pastor Nick Vance
12/10/2023 PMHoly HospitalityII Kings 4:8-17Pastor Nick Vance
12/10/2023 AMA Love-Hate RelationshipJohn 15:18-25Pastor Nick Vance
12/10/2023 SSStriving for Spiritual ExcellencePhilippians 3:4-21Pastor Nick Vance
12/3/2023 PMMissionary UpdateI Corinthians 15:1-10Missionary Rickson Kiehling
12/3/2023 AMLove: The First Fruit of the SpiritJohn 15:9-17Pastor Nick Vance
11/26/2023 PMShe Borrowed Her Way Out of DebtII Kings 4:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
11/26/2023 AMAbiding in the True VineJohn 15:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
11/26/2023 SSJudgment and ExileII Chronicles 6:15-21Pastor Nick Vance
11/20/2023 PMThe Value of One SoulMark 8:36-37Dr. Roger Baker
11/19/2023 PMGod's Tests of Obedience and ConfidenceGenesis 22:1-3Dr. Roger Baker
11/19/2023 AMThe Miracle of DarknessMatthew 27:34-54Dr. Roger Baker
11/19/2023 SSGrowing in the LordI Peter 1:23-2:2Dr. Roger Baker
11/12/2023 PMA Major Beat-DownII Kings 3:21-27Pastor Nick Vance
11/12/2023 AMNo Sad GoodbyeJohn 14:28-31Pastor Nick Vance
11/12/2023 SSDavid's Sin and PunishmentII Samuel 11:2-27, 12:13-15Pastor Nick Vance
11/5/2023 AMThe Speaking of the SpiritJohn 14:25-27Pastor Nick Vance
11/5/2023 SSRebuke and RepentanceJudges 10:10-18Pastor Nick Vance
10/29/2023 PMRemembering Jesus' LoveLuke 22:14-20Pastor Nick Vance
10/29/2023 AMThe Secret to His PresenceJohn 14:21-24Pastor Nick Vance
10/29/2023 SSJoshua's Last ChargeJoshua 24:1, 14-24Pastor Nick Vance
10/22/2023 PMWater in the ValleyII Kings 3:6-20Pastor Nick Vance
10/22/2023 AMAnother ComforterJohn 14:17-20Pastor Nick Vance
10/22/2023 SSIsrael Rejects God as King1 Samuel 9:1-2, 10:17-26Pastor Nick Vance
10/15/2023 PMBetter, But Not GoodII Kings 3:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
10/15/2023 AMOccupying 'Til He ComesJohn 14:12-15Pastor Nick Vance
10/08/2023 PMGod is Not MockedII Kings 2:23-25Pastor Nick Vance
10/08/2023 AMThe Sight That SatisfiesJohn 14:7-11Pastor Nick Vance
10/01/2023 PMThe Curse ReversedII Kings 2:19-22Pastor Nick Vance
10/01/2023 AMJesus is the AnswerJohn 14:4-6Pastor Nick Vance
09/24/2023 PMUrgent UnbeliefII Kings 2:15-18Pastor Nick Vance
09/24/2023 AMComfort for Troubled HeartsJohn 14:1-3Pastor Nick Vance
09/17/2023 PMThe Double Portion of the DiligentII Kings 2:9-14Pastor Nick Vance
09/17/2023 AMDenialJohn 13:36-38Pastor Nick Vance
09/10/2023 PMIndomitable DiscipleshipII Kings 2:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
09/10/2023 AMIdentifiable DiscipleshipJohn 13:31-35Pastor Nick Vance
09/03/2023 PMWhat Did the King Say?II Kings 1:9-18Pastor Nick Vance
09/03/2023 AMBetter Never BornJohn 13:18-20Pastor Nick Vance
08/27/2023 PMIs There Not a God in Israel?II Kings 1:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
08/27/2023 AMThrowing On the TowelJohn 13:1-17Pastor Nick Vance
08/20/2023 PMThey Stood Every Man in His PlaceJudges 7:15-23Evangelist Paul Crow
08/20/2023 AMIs Heaven Your Home?Phil. 3:17-21Evangelist Paul Crow
08/13/2023 PMMission Thailand UpdateJohn 14:1-7Missionary Wat Dasantad
08/13/2023 AMFour Final Reasons to Believe on JesusJohn 12:44-50Pastor Nick Vance
08/06/2023 AMTo Believe or Not To BelieveJohn 12:37-43Pastor Nick Vance
07/30/2023 PMThe Broken Ship of Bad FellowshipI Kings 22:41-53Pastor Nick Vance
07/30/2023 AMLifting Up JesusJohn 12:27-36Pastor Nick Vance
07/23/2023 PMA Sinner in the Hands of an Angry GodI Kings 22:29-40Pastor Nick Vance
07/23/2023 AMDying to LiveJohn 12:20-26Pastor Nick Vance
07/16/2023 PMHere I StandI Kings 22:15-28Pastor Nick Vance
07/16/2023 AMHere Comes the KingJohn 12:12-19Pastor Nick Vance
07/09/2023 PMThere Is yet one ManI Kings 22:1-14Pastor Nick Vance
07/09/2023 AMLiving ProofJohn 12:9-11Pastor Nick Vance
07/02/2023 PMFound OutI Kings 21:17-29Pastor Nick Vance
07/02/2023 AMAn Unforgettable SupperJohn 12:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
06/25/2023 PMFaithful unto DeathI Kings 21:5-16Pastor Nick Vance
06/25/2023 AMWantedJohn 11:45-57Pastor Nick Vance
06/18/2023 PMTo Rise and ShineJohn 11:33-44Pastor Nick Vance
06/18/2023 AMDon't Sell Out on DadI Kings 21:1-4Pastor Nick Vance
06/11/2023 PMNo Catch and ReleaseI Kings 20:31-43Pastor Nick Vance
06/11/2023 AMMeeting With the MasterJohn 11:17-32Pastor Nick Vance
06/04/2023 AMWho Will Go With Jesus?John 11:7-16Pastor Nick Vance