Sermon Audio

09/17/2023 PMThe Double Portion of the DiligentII Kings 2:9-14Pastor Nick Vance
09/10/2023 PMDenialJohn 13:36-38Pastor Nick Vance
09/10/2023 PMIndomitable DiscipleshipII Kings 2:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
09/10/2023 AMIdentifiable DiscipleshipJohn 13:31-35Pastor Nick Vance
09/03/2023 PMWhat Did the King Say?II Kings 1:9-18Pastor Nick Vance
09/03/2023 AMBetter Never BornJohn 13:18-20Pastor Nick Vance
08/27/2023 PMIs There Not a God in Israel?II Kings 1:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
08/27/2023 AMThrowing On the TowelJohn 13:1-17Pastor Nick Vance
08/20/2023 PMThey Stood Every Man in His PlaceJudges 7:15-23Evangelist Paul Crow
08/20/2023 AMIs Heaven Your Home?Phil. 3:17-21Evangelist Paul Crow
08/13/2023 PMMission Thailand UpdateJohn 14:1-7Wat Dasantad
08/13/2023 AMFour Final Reasons to Believe on JesusJohn 12:44-50Pastor Nick Vance
08/06/2023 AMTo Believe or Not To BelieveJohn 12:37-43Pastor Nick Vance
07/30/2023 PMThe Broken Ship of Bad FellowshipI Kings 22:41-53Pastor Nick Vance
07/30/2023 AMLifting Up JesusJohn 12:27-36Pastor Nick Vance
07/23/2023 PMA Sinner in the Hands of an Angry GodI Kings 22:29-40Pastor Nick Vance
07/23/2023 AMDying to LiveJohn 12:20-26Pastor Nick Vance
07/16/2023 PMHere I StandI Kings 22:15-28Pastor Nick Vance
07/16/2023 AMHere Comes the KingJohn 12:12-19Pastor Nick Vance
07/09/2023 PMThere Is yet one ManI Kings 22:1-14Pastor Nick Vance
07/09/2023 AMLiving ProofJohn 12:9-11Pastor Nick Vance
07/02/2023 PMFound OutI Kings 21:17-29Pastor Nick Vance
07/02/2023 AMAn Unforgettable SupperJohn 12:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
06/25/2023 PMFaithful unto DeathI Kings 21:5-16Pastor Nick Vance
06/25/2023 AMWantedJohn 11:45-57Pastor Nick Vance
06/18/2023 PMTo Rise and ShineJohn 11:33-44Pastor Nick Vance
06/18/2023 AMDon't Sell Out on DadI Kings 21:1-4Pastor Nick Vance
06/11/2023 PMNo Catch and ReleaseI Kings 20:31-43Pastor Nick Vance
06/11/2023 AMMeeting With the MasterJohn 11:17-32Pastor Nick Vance
06/04/2023 AMWho Will Go With Jesus?John 11:7-16Pastor Nick Vance
05/28/2023 PMI Will Deliver Thee and Thou Shalt Know MeI Kings 20:12-21Pastor Nick Vance
05/28/2023 AMThe Lord HelpsJohn 11:1-6Pastor Nick Vance
05/21/2023 PMReaping What You Have Not SownJoshua 24Missionary
05/14/2023 PMEnough Is Enough!I Kings 20:1-11Pastor Nick Vance
05/14/2023 PMSalome, the Mother of Zebedee's ChildrenMathew 20:20-23Pastor Nick Vance
05/07/2023 PMSelected for ServiceI Kings 19:19-21Pastor Nick Vance
05/07/2023 AMDiscovering Jesus' SheepJohn 10:19-30Pastor Nick Vance
04/30/2023 PMLord's TableI Corinthians 11:23-34Pastor Nick Vance
04/30/2023 AMThe Good ShepherdJohn 10:11-18Pastor Nick Vance
04/23/2023 PMGetting Back on TrackI Kings 19:9-18Pastor Nick Vance
04/16/2023 AMThe Door of the SheepJohn 10:7-10Pastor Nick Vance
04/16/2023 PMOverwhelmed by the JourneyI Kings 19:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
04/16/2023 AMThe Shepherd of the SheepJohn 10:1-6Pastor Nick Vance
04/09/2023 PMCan You Hear the Rain?I Kings 18:21-40Pastor Nick Vance
04/09/2023 AMThe Declaration of the ResurrectionRomans 1:1-6Pastor Nick Vance
04/02/2023 PMThe Contest at CarmelI Kings 18:21-40Pastor Nick Vance
04/02/2023 AMSOS - Seeing Our SinJohn 9:39-41Pastor Nick Vance
03/26/2023 PMConfrontation Before the StormI Kings 18:17-20Pastor Nick Vance
03/26/2023 AMBlessed OutcastsJohn 9:35-38Pastor Nick Vance
03/19/2023 PMBut I Fear the LordI Kings 18:1-16Pastor Nick Vance
03/19/2023 AMThe InquisitionJohn 9:13-34Pastor Nick Vance
03/12/2023 PMRevival At the RefineryI Kings 17:17-24Pastor Nick Vance
03/12/2023 AMHis Name Is JesusJohn 9:8-12Pastor Nick Vance
03/05/2023 PMFaith RefinedI Kings 17:8-16Pastor Nick Vance
03/05/2023 AMHe Came SeeingJohn 9:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
02/26/2023 PMHiding by the BrookI Kings 17:2-7Pastor Nick Vance
02/26/2023 AMCase ClosedJohn 8:51-59Pastor Nick Vance
02/19/2023 PMGod's Fearless ForecasterI Kings 17:1Pastor Nick Vance
02/19/2023 AMA Blameless TestimonyJohn 8:46-50Pastor Nick Vance
02/12/2023 PMUncle AhabI Kings 16:29-34Pastor Nick Vance
02/12/2023 AMWho Is Your Father?John 8:37-45Pastor Nick Vance
02/05/2023 PMOmri Leads Israel to New Highs & LowsI Kings 16:21-28Pastor Nick Vance
02/05/2023 AMIf We Continue In the TruthJohn 8:31-36Pastor Nick Vance
01/29/2023 PMLord's Table ServiceMatthew 26:26-30Pastor Nick Vance
01/29/2023 AMAn Inescapable WitnessJohn 8:21-30Pastor Nick Vance
01/22/2023 PMOne Week of FameI Kings 16:15-20Pastor Nick Vance
01/22/2023 AMJesus' Personal TestimonyJohn 8:12-20Pastor Nick Vance
01/15/2023 PMA Sobering JudgementI Kings 16:8-14Pastor Nick Vance
01/15/2023 AMAccusing the UncondemnedJohn 8:1-11Pastor Nick Vance
01/08/2023 PMLike Sin, Like JudgementI Kings 16:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
01/08/2023 AMBlind PrejudiceJohn 7:45-53Pastor Nick Vance
01/01/2023 PMCleaning Up for the New YearJob 1:4,5Pastor Nick Vance
01/01/2023 AMHow to Have a Happy New YearPsalm 1:1-6Pastor Nick Vance
12/25/2022 PMThe Announcing of the ChristLuke 2:8-19Pastor Nick Vance
12/25/2022 AMThe Arriving of the ChristLuke 2:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
12/18/2022 PMOxymorons in the Christmas StoryLuke 2:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
12/18/2022 AMMagnify Hod the SaviorLuke 1:39-56Pastor Nick Vance
12/11/2022 PMWhen the Wicked RuleI Kings 15:25-34Pastor Nick Vance
12/11/2022 AMChrist's Final CallJohn 7:37-44Pastor Nick Vance
12/04/2022 PMThe Curse of Trusting the Arm of the FleshI Kings 15:16-24Pastor Nick Vance
12/04/2022 AMDo You Know Jesus?John 7:25-34Pastor Nick Vance
11/27/2022 PMWhat It Means to Be a ChristianActs 1:6Timothy Hendricks
11/27/2022 AMReasons For Unanswered PrayerPsalm 66:16-20Pastor Nick Vance
11/20/2022 PMA Healthy HeartI Kings 15:9-15Pastor Nick Vance
11/20/2022 AMWilling to Do What God WantsJohn 7:14-24Pastor Nick Vance
11/13/2022 PMHope For Imperfect PeopleI Kings 15:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
11/13/2022 AMThe Plain Path of HumilityJohn 7:1-13Pastor Nick Vance
11/06/2022 AMDinos, Disciples, and DevilsJohn 6:60-71Pastor Nick Vance
10/30/2022 PMIt's the LORD's TableI Corinthians 11:23-34Pastor Nick Vance
10/30/2022 AMSatisfaction for the Spiritually "Hangry"John 6:41-59Pastor Nick Vance
10/23/2022 PMThe High Cost of Low LivingI Kings 14:7-20Pastor Nick Vance
10/23/2022 AMHow to Work the Work of GodJohn 6:28-40Pastor Nick Vance
10/16/2022 PMSeeking God SincerelyI Kings 14:1-6Pastor Nick Vance
10/16/2022 AMFaith Driven DevotionJohn 6:26-27Pastor Nick Vance
10/09/2022 PMThe Man of God Who Disobeyed the Word of GodI Kings 13:11-34Pastor Nick Vance
10/09/2022 AMThe King of the SeaJohn 6:14-21Pastor Nick Vance
10/02/2022 PMA Word From the LordI Kings 13:1-10Pastor Nick Vance
10/02/2022 AMThe Shepherd Feed His SheepJohn 6:1-13Pastor Nick Vance
09/25/2022 PMDesigner WorshipI Kings 12:25-33Pastor Nick Vance
09/25/2022 AMFive Witnesses of JesusJohn 5:31-47Pastor Nick Vance
09/18/2022 PMPop Goes the NationI Kings 12:16-24Pastor Nick Vance
09/18/2022 AMOne With the FatherJohn 5:17-30Pastor Nick Vance
09/11/2022 PMCritical CounselI Kings 12:1-15Pastor Nick Vance
09/11/2022 AMRepent of PerishLuke 13:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
09/04/2022 AMThe Lord of the SabbathJohn 5:10-16Pastor Nick Vance
08/28/2022 PMWhen a Man's Ways Displease the LordI Kings 11:14-25Pastor Nick Vance
08/28/2022 AMWhat Are You Waiting For?John 5:1-9Pastor Nick Vance
08/21/2022 SSAre You a Disciple?Matthew 16:24Dr. Alton Beal
08/21/2022 AMHow to Mess Up Your LifeNumbers 13:26-Numbers 14::1Dr. Alton Beal
08/14/2022 PMWhom the Lord LovethI Kings 11:9-13Pastor Nick Vance
08/14/2022 AMA Superior SequelJohn 4:43-54Pastor Nick Vance
08/07/2022 PMFamous Last WordsActs 1:1-11Elijah Vance
08/07/2022 AMLift Up Your EyesJohn 4:31-38Pastor Nick Vance