2019 Sermon Audio

3/10/2019Paul's Farewell Address, part 1Acts 20:17-27Pastor Nick Vance
3/10/2019How to Pray for MissionariesI. Thessalonians 5:25Dr. Larry Ball
3/3/2019I Think I'll WalkActs 20:13-16Pastor Nick Vance
2/24/2019Awake, Alert, and AliveActs 20:1-12Pastor Nick Vance
2/24/2019David & Goliath, part 6I. Samuel 17:55-58Pastor Nick Vance
2/17/2019The Battle of the GodsActs 19:23-41Pastor Nick Vance
2/17/2019David & Goliath, part 5I Samuel 17:48-54Pastor Nick Vance
2/10/2019Following God's PlanActs 19:21-22Pastor Nick Vance
2/10/2019David & Goliath, part 4I Samuel 17:40-47Pastor Nick Vance
2/3/2019Get RealActs 19:13-20Pastor Nick Vance
2/3/2019David & Goliath, part 3I Samuel 17:31-39Pastor Nick Vance
1/27/2019The Cost of Kingdom AdvancementActs 19:8-12Pastor Nick Vance
1/27/2019David & Goliath, part 2I Samuel 17:12-30Pastor Nick Vance
1/20/2019Have You Received the Holy Ghost?Acts 19:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
1/13/2019Becoming the Servant God Wants You to BeActs 18:24-28Pastor Nick Vance
1/13/2019Taming a Troubled SpiritI Samuel 16:14-23Pastor Nick Vance
1/6/2019Going with GodActs 18:18-23Pastor Nick Vance
1/6/2019The Shepherd KingI Samuel 16:6-13Pastor Nick Vance

2018 Sermon Audio

12/30/2018Comfort for the New YearII Corinthians 1:8-11Pastor Nick Vance
12/30/2018Communion: New Covenant for the New YearMatthew 26:20-29Pastor Nick Vance
12/23/2018Getting into the Christmas SpiritPhil 2:1-11Pastor Nick Vance
12/23/2018Family Christmas ServiceLuke 2:1-14Pastor Nick Vance
12/16/2018Fill Your Horn with Oil and GoI Samuel 16:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
12/16/2018Kept by the Power of GodActs 18:12-17Pastor Nick Vance
12/2/2018Keeping the Fire BurningLeviticus 6Pastor Nick Vance
12/2/2018Finishing Unfinished BusinessI Samuel 15:32;35Pastor Nick Vance
11/27/2018Measuring OurselvesII Corinthians 10:12-16John O'Malley
11/26/2018What God TreasuresMatthew 6: 19-21John O'Malley
11/25/2018Don't Drop the BatonActs 1:4John O'Malley
11/25/2018How Do I Fit my Life into God's Mission?I Corinthians 6John O'Malley
11/18/2018Seven Reasons Why Thanksgiving is a Good ThingPsalm 92Pastor Nick Vance
11/11/2018Victory for a Veteran (Paul's Ministry in Corinth, part 2)Acts 18:7-11Pastor Nick Vance
11/11/2018Coming CleanI Samuel 15:24-31Pastor Nick Vance
11/4/2018Paul's Ministry at Corinth - Part 1Acts 18:1-6Pastor Nick Vance
11/4/2018Busted!I Samuel 15:23-34 Pastor Nick Vance
10/28/2018Introducing the Unknown GodActs 17:22-34Pastor Nick Vance
10/28/2018Mission Accomplished . . . AlmostI Samuel 15:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
10/21/2018Sightseer or Soul Winner?Acts 17:16-21Pastor Nick Vance
10/21/2018Israel FirstI Samuel 14:47-52Pastor Nick Vance
10/14/2018Good Seed in Good SoilActs 17:10-15Pastor Nick Vance
10/14/2018Working With GodI Samuel 14:36-46Pastor Nick Vance
10/7/2018Paul's Ministry in Thessalonica (part 2 - The Persecution)Acts 17:5-10Pastor Nick Vance
10/7/2018Victory Turned to DefeatI Samuel 14:24-35Pastor Nick Vance
9/30/2018Paul's Ministry in Thessalonica (part 1 - The Preaching)Acts 17:1-4Pastor Nick Vance
9/30/2018Two Courses at the Lord's TableI. Corinthians 11:23-34Pastor Nick Vance
9/23/2018Preacher, Please LeaveActs 16:35-40Pastor Nick Vance
9/23/2018Victory in JehovahI Samuel 18:16-23Pastor Nick Vance
9/16/2018Missions at MidnightActs 16:25-34Pastor Nick Vance
9/16/2018Let's RollI. Samuel 15:1-14Pastor Nick Vance
9/9/2018The Blessings of GivingPhilippians 1:3-11Solomon Raju
9/9/2018Overcoming Spiritual OppositionActs 16:16-24Pastor Nick Vance
9/2/2018The Salvation of a Working WomanActs 15:11-15Pastor Nick Vance
9/2/2018The Defenselessness of DisobedienceI Samuel 13:15-23Pastor Nick Vance
8/26/2018How to Know the Will of GodActs 16:6-10Pastor Nick Vance
8/26/2018WaitI Samuel 13:8-14Pastor Nick Vance
8/19/2018Paul's ExamplePhil. 1:21, 3:17Missionary Sid Messer
8/19/2018Ecuador Ministry UpdateLuke 12:2-5Missionary Sid Messer
8/12/2018Increasing by AdditionActs 16:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
8/12/2018Uncle Saul Wants YouI. Samuel 13:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
08/08/2018I. Peter 3:15Evangelist Paul Schwanke
08/07/2018Hebrews 1:1-4Evangelist Paul Schwanke
8/6/2018II Timothy 3:1-4Evangelist Paul Schwanke
8/5/2018Malachi 2:17Evangelist Paul Schwanke
8/5/2018Luke 7:37-39Evangelist Paul Schwanke
8/5/2018Psalm 51:1-4Evangelist Paul Schwanke
7/29/2018Do You Really Want Revival?Psalm 119:37Pastor Nick Vance
7/29/2018Three Looks at the Lord's TableI. Cor. 11:23-26Pastor Nick Vance
7/22/2018Multiplication by DivisionActs 15:36-41Pastor Nick Vance
7/15/2018It Pleased GodActs 15;22-35Pastor Nick Vance
7/15/2018Only Fear the LordI Samuel 12:13-25Pastor Nick Vance
07/08/2018Saved by GraceActs 15:1-21Pastor Nick Vance
07/08/2018Setting the Record StraightI. Samuel 12:1-12Pastor Nick Vance
07/01/2018Mission AccomplishedActs 14:23-28Pastor Nick Vance
07/01/2018Help Is on the WayI. Samuel 11:4-15Pastor Nick Vance
6/24/2018Learning How to PrayI Samuel 1:1-17Evangelist Jeremiah Clark
06/24/2018The Heart of the MatterMatthew 6:24-34Evangelist Jeremiah Clark
6/17/2018When Daddy Betrays JesusActs 1:15-20Pastor Nick Vance
6/17/2018The Devil Went Up to JabeshI. samuel11:1-3Pastor Nick Vance
6/10/2018Still TickingActs 14:19-22Pastor Nick Vance
6/10/2018The Revealing of the KingI Samuel 17:17-27Pastor Nick Vance
6/3/2018Why Seek JesusJohn 18:1-8Timothy Hendricks
6/3/2018Sowing and ReapingGalatians 6:7-10Missionary Adrian Hendricks
6/3/2018The Witness of the SpiritI Samuel 10:9-16Pastor Nick Vance
5/27/2018Reasonable SacrificeActs 14:8-18Pastor Nick Vance
5/27/2018Confirming the CallI Samuel 10:1-9Pastor Nick Vance
5/20/2018Bold in the LordActs 14:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
5/20/2018Kingdom CommunionI Samuel 9:25-27Pastor Nick Vance
5/13/2018Honor Thy MotherEphesians 6:2-4Pastor Nick Vance
5/13/2018Come and DineI. Samuel 9:18-24Pastor Nick Vance
5/6/2018The Prosperity of the gospelActs 13:42-52Pastor Nick Vance
5/6/2018Divine DirectionI Samuel 9:11-17Pastor Nick Vance
4/29/2018Paul's Sabbath Sermon - part 2Acts 13:26-43Pastor Nick Vance
4/29/2018Lord's TableI Corinthians 11:23-26Pastor Nick Vance
4/22/2018Paul's Sabbath SermonActs 13:14-25Pastor Nick Vance
4/22/2018A Choice Young ManI Samuel 9:1-10Pastor Nick Vance
4/15/2018Why People QuitActs 13:13Pastor Nick Vance
4/15/2018Lift Up Your HandGenesis 14:17-23Missionary Russell Mackay
4/8/2018Spirit Filled ServiceActs 13:4-12Pastor Nick Vance
4/1/2018Have You Ever Felt Alone?II Timothy 4:10-17Dr. Alton Beal
4/1/2018The Power of His ResurrectionPhilippians 3:8-10Dr. Alton Beal
4/1/2018Choosing ChangeI Samuel 8:1-9Pastor Nick Vance
3/25/2018Here Comes the KingMatthew 21:1-17Pastor Nick Vance
3/25/2018The Blessings of HolinessI Samuel 7:13-17Pastor Nick Vance
3/18/2018The Steps of a Good ManActs 12:25-13:3Pastor Nick Vance
3/18/2018The Lord Hath HelpedI Samuel 7:7-14Pastor Nick Vance
3/11/2018Down with Mr. Big ShotActs 12:18-24Pastor Nick Vance
3/11/2018The Sending of the SeventyLuke 10:1-2Pastor Nick Vance
03/04/2018Faith is the VictoryActs 12:1-17Pastor Nick Vance
03/04/2018The Cost of ConsecrationI Samuel 6:19-7:6Pastor Nick Vance
2/25/2018Displaying Christ-likeness by Seeing and Meeting NeedsActs 11:27-30Pastor Nick Vance
2/25/2018When the Ark Comes HomeI Samuel 6:13-18Pastor Nick Vance
2/18/2018The Founding of the First Christian Church at AntiochActs 11:19-26Pastor Nick Vance
2/18/2018Lessons in Obedience From Two Helping HeifersI Samuel 6:7-14Pastor Nick Vance
2/11/2018Welcome to the Family of GodActs 2:1-18Pastor Nick Vance
2/11/2018Returning the ArkI Samuel 6:1-6Pastor Nick Vance
2/4/2018Gentile PentecostActs 10:44-48Pastor Nick Vance
2/4/2018Sinners in the Hands of the Living GodI Samuel 5:6-12Pastor Nick Vance
1/28/2018Good News For Those Who Want PeaceActs 10:34-43Pastor Nick Vance
1/28/2018When God Exposes Your IdolI Samuel 5:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
1/21/2018How to Hear "Well Done"Acts 10:23-33Pastor Nick Vance
1/21/2018The Bad News From the BattlefieldI Samuel 4:12-22Pastor Nick Vance
1/14/2018The Call From the HousetopActs 10:9-23Pastor Nick Vance
1/14/2018The War of Israel's AwakeningI Samuel 4:1-11Pastor Nick Vance
1/7/2018The Contest on CarmelI Kings 18:17-40Pastor Nick Vance
1/7/2018Making Your Calling SureI Samuel 3:19-21Pastor Nick Vance