Sermon Audio

11/06/2022 AMDinos, Disciples, and DevilsJohn 6:60-71Pastor Nick Vance
10/30/2022 PMIt's the LORD's TableI Corinthians 11:23-34Pastor Nick Vance
10/30/2022 AMSatisfaction for the Spiritually "Hangry"John 6:41-59Pastor Nick Vance
10/23/2022 PMThe High Cost of Low LivingI Kings 14:7-20Pastor Nick Vance
10/23/2022 AMHow to Work the Work of GodJohn 6:28-40Pastor Nick Vance
10/16/2022 PMI Kings 14:1-6Seeking God SincerelyPastor Nick Vance
10/16/2022 AMJohn 6:26-27Faith Driven DevotionPastor Nick Vance
10/09/2022 PMI Kings 13:11-34The Man of God Who Disobeyed the Word of GodPastor Nick Vance
10/09/2022 AMJohn 6:14-21The King of the SeaPastor Nick Vance
10/02/2022 PMI Kings 13:1-10A Word From the LordPastor Nick Vance
10/02/2022 AMJohn 6:1-13The Shepherd Feed His SheepPastor Nick Vance
09/25/2022 PMDesigner WorshipI Kings 12:25-33Pastor Nick Vance
09/25/2022 AMFive Witnesses of JesusJohn 5:31-47Pastor Nick Vance
09/18/2022 PMPop Goes the NationI Kings 12:16-24Pastor Nick Vance
09/18/2022 AMOne With the FatherJohn 5:17-30Pastor Nick Vance
09/11/2022 PMCritical CounselI Kings 12:1-15Pastor Nick Vance
09/11/2022 AMRepent of PerishLuke 13:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
09/04/2022 AMThe Lord of the SabbathJohn 5:10-16Pastor Nick Vance
08/28/2022 PMWhen a Man's Ways Displease the LordI Kings 11:14-25Pastor Nick Vance
08/28/2022 AMWhat Are You Waiting For?John 5:1-9Pastor Nick Vance
08/21/2022 SSAre You a Disciple?Matthew 16:24Dr. Alton Beal
08/21/2022 AMHow to Mess Up Your LifeNumbers 13:26-Numbers 14::1Dr. Alton Beal
08/14/2022 PMWhom the Lord LovethI Kings 11:9-13Pastor Nick Vance
08/14/2022 AMA Superior SequelJohn 4:43-54Pastor Nick Vance
08/07/2022 PMFamous Last WordsActs 1:1-11Elijah Vance
08/07/2022 AMLift Up Your EyesJohn 4:31-38Pastor Nick Vance
07/31/2022 PMThe Lord's TableI. Corinthians 11:23-34Pastor Nick Vance
07/31/2022 AMThe Witness From the WellJohn 4:27-30, 39-42Pastor Nick Vance
07/24/2022 PMAn Unkept HeartI Kings 11:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
07/24/2022 AMThe Woman at the WellJohn 4:1-26Pastor Nick Vance
07/17/2022 PMThe Wealth & Wisdom of the KingI Kings 10:14-29Pastor Nick Vance
07/17/2022 AMJesus is Above AllJohn 3:31-36Pastor Nick Vance
07/10/2022 PMNaomi's Choice to Return to the LordRuth 1:1-19Pastor Nick Vance
07/10/2022 AMThis Little Light of MineJohn 3:22-30Pastor Nick Vance
07/3/2022 PMCome See the BlessingI Kings 10:1-13Pastor Nick Vance
07/3/2022 AMHow to Make America GreatProverbs 14:34Pastor Nick Vance
06/26/2022 AMCome to the LightJohn 3:17-21Pastor Nick Vance
06/19/2022 PMAn Unappreciated GiftI Kings 9:10-14Pastor Nick Vance
06/19/2022 AMThe Father's Love GiftJohn 3:9-16Pastor Nick Vance
06/12/2022 PMKeep Walking with the LordI Kings 9:1-9Pastor Nick Vance
06/12/2022 AMThe Second BirhtJohn 3:3-8Pastor Nick Vance
06/05/2022 PMA House DedicatedI Kings 8:62-66Pastor Nick Vance
06/05/2022 AMNic at NightJohn 3:1-2Pastor Nick Vance
05/29/2022 PMLord's Supper ServiceI Corinthians 11:23-26Pastor Nick Vance
05/29/2022 AMCommit!John 2:23-25Pastor Nick Vance
05/22/2022 PMA Blessed BenedictionI Kings 8:54-61Pastor Nick Vance
05/22/2022 AMA Declaration of the ResurrectionJohn 2:18-22Pastor Nick Vance
05/15/2022 PMA Houe of PrayerI Kings 8:22-53Pastor Nick Vance
05/15/2022 AMFootprints of JesusJohn 2:12-17Pastor Nick Vance
05/08/2022 PMGiving Credit Where Credit Is DueI Kings 8:12-21Pastor Nick Vance
05/08/2022 AMMarriages, Mothers, and MiraclesJohn 2:1-11Pastor Nick Vance
05/01/2022 PMMoving DayI Kings 8:1-11Pastor Nick Vance
05/01/2022 AMFollow Me, Come SeeJohn 1:43-51Pastor Nick Vance
04/24/2022 PMA Good Word for a Good WorkI Kings 6:1, 11-14Pastor Nick Vance
04/24/2022 AMWon by OneJohn 1:40-42Pastor Nick Vance
4/17/2022 PMWorkers Together for GodI Kings 5:13-18Pastor Nick Vance
4/17/2022 AMThe Reviving Power of the Resurrection Genesis 45:25-28Pastor Nick Vance
04/10/2022 PMThe Chop for Chow ContractI Kings 5:8-12Pastor Nick Vance
04/10/2022 AMTwo Men and the MasterJohn 1:35-39Pastor Nick Vance
04/3/2022 AMBehold the Lamb of GodJohn 1:29-34Pastor Nick Vance
03/27/2022 PMA Heart of Gold & Silver TongueI Kings 4:29-34Pastor Nick Vance
03/27/2022 AMA Faithful WitnessJohn 1:15,19-28Pastor Nick Vance
03/20/2022 PMA Prosperous KingdomI Kings 4:20-28Pastor Nick Vance
03/20/2022 AMBecause the Word Became FleshJohn 1:14,16-18Pastor Nick Vance
03/13/2022 PMWisdom for Daily LivingI Kings 4:1-19Pastor Nick Vance
03/13/2022 AMRelating to the LightJohn 1:6-13Pastor Nick Vance
03/06/2022 PMCat Fight in the Cat HouseI Kings 3:16-28Pastor Nick Vance
03/06/2022 AMWho in the World Is the Word?John 1:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
2/27/2022 PMA Wise ChoiceI Kings 3:4-15Pastor Nick Vance
2/27/2022 AMA Gentle Finishing TouchII Corinthians 10:11-14Pastor Nick Vance
02/20/2022 PMWalking In Worldly WisdomI Kings 3:1-3Pastor Nick Vance
02/20/2022 AMProve YourselvesII Corinthians 13:1-10Pastor Nick Vance
02/13/2022 PMHe Hanged Himself with His Own RopeI Kings 2:36-46Pastor Nick Vance
02/13/2022 AMA Love That Won't StopII Corinthians 12:11-21Pastor Nick Vance
02/06/2022 PMTaking Away the WickedI Kings 2:26-35Pastor Nick Vance
02/06/2022 AMGrace Abounding for the Weakest SaintsII Corinthians 12:1-10Pastor Nick Vance
1/30/2022 PMWe Will Remember Thy LoveLuke 22:13-20Pastor Nick Vance
1/30/2022 AMThe Marks of the CrossII Corinthians 11:22-33Pastor Nick Vance
1/23/2022 PMHe Asked for ItI Kings 2:12-25Pastor Nick Vance
1/23/2022 AMAnswering Fools According to Their FollyII Corinthians 11:16-21Pastor Nick Vance
01/9/2022 PMKing David's Last ChargeI Kings 2:1-11Pastor Nick Vance
01/9/2022 AMDon't Drink the KoolAidII Corinthians 11:5-15Pastor Nick Vance
01/2/2022 PMWhen the Party Is OverI Kings 1:41-53Pastor Nick Vance
01/2/2022 AMKeeping It SimpleII Corinthians 11:1-4Pastor Nick Vance