2019 Sermon Audio

10/13/2019Rome, Sweet, RomeActs 28:11-16Pastor Nick Vance
10/13/2019The Peacemaking HomemakerI Samuel 25:18-35Pastor Nick Vance
10/6/2019How to Win Souls and Impact PeopleActs 28:7-10Pastor Nick Vance
10/6/2019Your Reaction Is ShowingI Samuel 25:12-17Pastor Nick Vance
9/29/2019Shake it Off and Pick up SticksActs 28:1-6Pastor Nick Vance
9/29/2019Teach Me What it MeanethMatthew 26:17-30Pastor Nick Vance
9/22/2019All 276Acts 27:37-44Pastor Nick Vance
9/15/2019Breakfast on BoardActs 27:33-38Pastor Nick Vance
9/15/2019Hello, My Name Is FoolI Samuel 25:2-11Pastor Nick Vance
9/8/2019Stay in the ShipActs 27:29-32Pastor Nick Vance
9/8/2019The Passing of a Spiritual Statesman I Samuel 25:1Pastor Nick Vance
9/1/2019Cheer UpActs 27:13-26Pastor Nick Vance
9/1/2019A Plea for Real ChangeI Samuel 24:8-22Pastor Nick Vance
8/25/2019Where Shipwreck BeginsActs 27:9-14Pastor Nick Vance
8/25/2019Mercy UnleashedI Samuel 24:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
8/18/2019The Desirable ChurchRevelation 2:1-5Dr. Ron Comfort
8/18/2019Four Names of ChristRevelation 19:11-16Dr. Ron Comfort
8/18/2019Doctrine of ConfessionPsalm 32:1-7Dr. Ron Comfort
8/11/2019Against the Wind to the Fair HavensActs 27:8Pastor Nick Vance
8/11/2019The Place of RefiningI Samuel 23;19-29Pastor Nick Vance
8/4/2019A Sailing We Go (The Blessings of Christian Fellowship)Acts 27:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
8/4/2019Cold Water for a Thirsty SoulI Samuel 23:14-18Pastor Nick Vance
7/28/2019Who is the Mad Man? Part 3Acts 26:24-30Pastor Nick Vance
7/28/2019Our Help Is in the Name of the LordI. Samuel 23;7-13Pastor Nick Vance
7/24/2019Tokyo UpdateLuke 24:45-49Missionary Nathan Kinoshita
7/21/2019Who is the Mad Man? Part 2Acts 26:1-23Pastor Nick Vance
7/21/2019Go, Smite, and SaveI. Samuel 23;1-6Pastor Nick Vance
7/14/2019Who is the Mad Man? Part 1Acts 25:13-22Pastor Nick Vance
7/14/2019Murder, He SpokeI. Samuel 22:6-23Pastor Nick Vance
7/7/2019An Appeal to Go OnActs 25Pastor Nick Vance
7/7/2019A Call to MissionsActs 1:8Nathan Fray
6/30/2019How to Make America Great AgainProverbs 14:34Pastor Nick Vance
6/30/2019Lord's Table ServiceI. Corinthians 11:!7-34Pastor Nick Vance
6/23/2019Convicted or ConvertedActs 24:24-27Pastor Nick Vance
6/23/2019Mercy at the Man CaveI Samuel 22:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
6/16/2019A Lesson in HonorJeremiah 35Pastor Nick Vance
6/9/2019A Friend IndeedI Samuel 21:1-9Pastor Nick Vance
6/2/2019God Will Take Care of YouActs 23:12-35Pastor Nick Vance
6/2/2019The Field ConferenceI Samuel 20:35-42Pastor Nick Vance
5/26/2019Stand By MeActs 23:6-11Pastor Nick Vance
5/26/2019Feasting with the KingI Samuel 20:24-34Pastor Nick Vance
5/19/2019Comforting A Feeble SoulI Samuel 20:9-23Pastor Nick Vance
5/19/2019Grit & GraceActs 23:1-5Pastor Nick Vance
5/12/2019A Mother for Whom to Give ThanksII Timothy 1:1-4Pastor Nick Vance
5/12/2019Sliding into SchemingI Samuel 20:1-8Pastor Nick Vance
5/5/2019I'm Proud to Be a RomanActs 22:22-30Pastor Nick Vance
5/5/2019A Place of RefugeI Samuel 19:18-24Pastor Nick Vance
4/28/2019Paul's Sermon on the StairsActs 21:37-22:22Pastor Nick Vance
4/28/2019Saved by the BelleI Samuel 19:8-17Pastor Nick Vance
4/21/2019The First Sunrise ServiceLuke 24:1-10Pastor Nick Vance
4/21/2019Hiding From the KingI Samuel 19:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
4/14/2019Paul's Arrest at JerusalemActs 21:27-36Pastor Nick Vance
4/14/2019Escaping the Honey TrapsI Samuel 18:17-30Pastor Nick Vance
4/7/2019Paul's Arrival at JerusalemActs 21:15-26Pastor Nick Vance
4/7/2019What Is in Your Hand?I Samuel 18:10-16Pastor Nick Vance
3/31/2019Surrendered & CommittedActs 21:1-14Pastor Nick Vance
3/31/2019Communion ServiceMark 14:12-15:39Pastor Nick Vance
3/27/2019Temptation & EscapeI Corinthians 10:13Evangelist Paul Crow
3/26/2019Leaving Your MarkII Timothy 4:9-11Evangelist Paul Crow
3/25/2019LoveI Corinthians 13:1-8Evangelist Paul Crow
3/24/2019Promises of the Holy SpiritJohn 14:16-17Evangelist Paul Crow
3/24/2019Three Viewpoints of CalvaryMatthew 27:36Evangelist Paul Crow
3/24/2019Changing Your PrioritiesPhilippians 3:7Evangelist Paul Crow
3/17/2019Paul's Farewell Address, part 2Acts 20:28-38Pastor Nick Vance
3/17/2019Behave YourselfI. Samuel 18:5-9Pastor Nick Vance
3/10/2019Paul's Farewell Address, part 1Acts 20:17-27Pastor Nick Vance
3/10/2019How to Pray for MissionariesI. Thessalonians 5:25Dr. Larry Ball
3/3/2019I Think I'll WalkActs 20:13-16Pastor Nick Vance
2/24/2019Awake, Alert, and AliveActs 20:1-12Pastor Nick Vance
2/24/2019David & Goliath, part 6I. Samuel 17:55-58Pastor Nick Vance
2/17/2019The Battle of the GodsActs 19:23-41Pastor Nick Vance
2/17/2019David & Goliath, part 5I Samuel 17:48-54Pastor Nick Vance
2/10/2019Following God's PlanActs 19:21-22Pastor Nick Vance
2/10/2019David & Goliath, part 4I Samuel 17:40-47Pastor Nick Vance
2/3/2019Get RealActs 19:13-20Pastor Nick Vance
2/3/2019David & Goliath, part 3I Samuel 17:31-39Pastor Nick Vance
1/27/2019The Cost of Kingdom AdvancementActs 19:8-12Pastor Nick Vance
1/27/2019David & Goliath, part 2I Samuel 17:12-30Pastor Nick Vance
1/20/2019Have You Received the Holy Ghost?Acts 19:1-7Pastor Nick Vance
1/13/2019Becoming the Servant God Wants You to BeActs 18:24-28Pastor Nick Vance
1/13/2019Taming a Troubled SpiritI Samuel 16:14-23Pastor Nick Vance
1/6/2019Going with GodActs 18:18-23Pastor Nick Vance
1/6/2019The Shepherd KingI Samuel 16:6-13Pastor Nick Vance